Favourite Picture from July 2011

Favourite Picture from July 2011

Favourite Picture from July 2011

July in Northumberland has been a mixed month, the beginning was summer-like but generally its been wet and dull. Not ideal for landscape photography.

Not only has this past month been varied weather-wise, subject matter has also been varied. Some wildlife spotting and the usual landscapes when the weather has allowed, I managed to to take in a local cricket match, puppy portraits, and some candid portraits at a friends Golden wedding celebrations.

Whilst my camera has seen alot of action this past month, I’ve also spent alot of time trying different post-processing techniques. Meaning that I can use base images that I’d discarded in the past thinking they were unusable. So some images I’ve highlighted this month may not have been exclusively taken between the 1st and 31st of July.

July also saw the launch, or my acceptance into the beta scheme, of Google+. This has quickly become one of my main sharing locations of new images I see fit to publish/share. It is also a new place of inspiration for me, so many very talented photographers and creative types sharing their knowledge and their best works. So expect my style to change and develop as I take the lead from these other established and talented people. More on Google+ in the near future.

To keep upto date with my latest images without waiting for this monthly selection of images, you will find me here on Google+.

I know I’ve shown elsewhere how much I love my favourite picture from July (you can download a desktop wallpaper of it), I simply had to choose it! There were a few others that did actually push it close, but in the end only one winner for me!

[image title=”Ford 4600″ align=”center” icon=”zoom” lightbox=”true” width=”400″ autoHeight=”true”]http://www.andrewsgray.com/sold/wp-content/uploads/2011/08/D700344base_1.jpg[/image]

 And now for some others from this past month of July…