Getting Recognition

Getting Recognition

Getting Recognition

You may have noticed that postings here have slowed to a snails pace. There’s a couple of reasons. 1 – I’m quite busy on various projects, and 2 – Google+.

Google+, launched in July this year, hailed as the next big social media thing. It may have been condemned by various pundits, and uptake has slowed since it left its closed beta, along with less data going through its servers, there is one particular batch of people on it are using it well, continually growing a community and giving them much wider exposure. They are… Photographers.

I managed to get involved in the early days and now daily spend good batches of time commenting, posting my latest images and browsing the galleries of the many talented photographers from all over the world.

The great thing about Google+, and specifically the photography community, is the feedback you receive from your contemporaries. There is noway anyone unknown or unestablished could garner such numbers of likes, RT’s and +1’s if displaying their content on their own blog. Here is where my numbers come into play; Facebook – 15 Fans, Twitter – 198 followers and Google+ approaching 4100 circled. With this wider exposure it meant I had a chance of getting noticed outside my local area and have my work seen regularly in places I’d never even dreamed!

Today an image I posted only 2 days ago was selected in amongst the “Top 15 photos on Google+ on the 1st of November” (link). This is part numbers tallied automatically and part manually curated. But what it really gets me (apart from a skip in my step) is exposure and recognition beyond even my 4000+ followers. Exposure and recognition that I’d never get outside my village, closest town or county without Google+.

The image selected… was this.

[image align=”center” icon=”zoom” lightbox=”true” size=”large” autoHeight=”true”][/image]