My May Scavenger Hunt Album

My May Scavenger Hunt Album

My May Scavenger Hunt Album

Now that the hunt is over I can get a few weeks work in and return to “normal” life before +Chrysta Rae devises the next one and we all start over again.

This was my 1st hunt and what a great experience it was, the challenge of shooting the themes is one thing to help us grow as photographers but its the interaction that made it worthwhile for me, though I’m sure the interaction would be more if I was online at about 3am UK time. Since Google+ knocked on my door and then barged right in last year the problem of timezones and being 5-9 hours ahead of the US timezones has become a real issue in keeping and developing the friendships I’ve made here, more than I thought it ever could be!

Back to the album.. I’m really pleased with the final shots that came to me, and when I see them all together like this, I’m surprised that for someone who produces a lot as b/w images, there is so much vibrant colour!

I was lucky enough (and astounded) that I came out with 2x 2nd placings, a 3rd place and 2x honourable mentions – totally way more than I could have imagined!

Whilst others set about the hunt in a certain way, thinking of over-all themes (like the amazing albums by +Jake Johnson and +Erika Thornes), interpreting the wording to come up with ideas out of “left field” – me, not being overly “creative” or thoughtful I decided to tackle the themes in a straightforward manner but just do the best I could technically and in post to produce images I was happy with compositionally, sharpness, colour balance, contrast etc. The most setup I did was tell Peter’s wife that I wanted to shoot him smoking if he was up for it, and driving down to the coast one evening to shoot long exposures at sunset – the rest just presented themselves as I went around my daily life.

Well done to +Chrysta Rae for running the show, you have one hell of a work ethic! Great job by +Alan Shapiro +RC Concepcion +Sandra Parlow and +Brian Matiash (and +Alan Allum!) on the judging, how you did it is beyond me!

So here are my 9 images (I ran out of time to do Horror/Fear). Hope you enjoy!

In album MAY SCAVENGER HUNT (9 photos)

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