Trying HDR again with Lightroom 4.1 32-bit TIFF Processing

Trying HDR again with Lightroom 4.1 32-bit TIFF Processing

Trying HDR again with Lightroom 4.1 32-bit TIFF Processing

Many photographers have had views on the polarizing #HDR (High Dynamic Range) argument in the past, I’d played around with the technique before, tried the processing software Photomatix and like many others hated many of the results I’d got. (Photomatix creates a look that feels flat and over saturated, generally it needs much more processing after the initial production of the starter image to attain a more realistic look)

Since then, to get the range I’d been happy with I had usually just pushed single RAW files to their limits.

June 25th saw +Adobe add to the Creative Cloud +Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 4.1 for those of us who have become subscribers – about time!
So this means I can now try the processing of 32 bit TIFF files that have been created in HDR Pro in Photoshop from bracketed files. From demonstrations I’d seen online the results looked way better than most of the Photomatix images I’ve seen in the past.

I did a quick test to see how it went and I’m fairly happy (with the processing, not so much the image which is average). This may become part of my work flow again for certain shots where conditions dictate that a high dynamic range is required to get the wanted result! I’ll reserve judgement until further down the road though.

This image of Warkworth Castle and the River Coquet is from a 5 shot bracket with minimal touching up after using the standard sliders in Lightroom to bring out the increased dynamic range possible with this new technique.

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