Who IS Andrew S. Gray?

Born and raised in rural North Northumberland in the UK mean that the simpler things in life are important to me, no over crowded cities for me thank you very much!

After a spell at Derby University back in the mid 90′s, where the appreciation for the built environment came about, I started a web design company (Dust Web Services) at the height of the .com boom. By the time things had quietened off it was time to get a “properly” paid job. So off to draw houses and argue with bureaucracy that is the planning system and then with builders.

I decided that it all wasn’t worth the headache and returned to the much more satisfying work and a place where there are no “Policy Guidelines” to adhere to, no Bat surveys to arrange, and no worries about being on a flood plain. Back in design, where the only limit is your imagination (…and coding proficiency) Ahhh bless you CSS, HTML and Adobe CreativeSuite CS5!

For year Photography was a hobby, infact I’d often have with me when I was young a film based point and shoot, though obviously before the digital days, paying to get 24 shots developed at Boots wasn’t economical for the average 10 year old, so there was no possibility for experimentation in those days.

Fast forward to more modern times and with the strengthening hand of digital cameras, I eventually bought one (late 90’s) with which I did a few unofficial jobs with and lots of experimentation.

Fast forward a long time to 2011 and this is when I decided to get serious! (after 4 camera upgrades…) I threw myself head first into my photography advancing my craft significantly, allowing me to start this venture. Of course I continually strive to improve and stay inspired, offering clients and purchasers quality photography, prints and services.


Other Details:

I live in my office, so please do excuse the 40″ tv, the rather large sound system and the mock Darth Vader Lightsaber!
I have 3 Labradors, don’t drink Coffee but I’d love a cup of tea …milk, 2 sugars please.


What other services do I offer?

As well as the photography, I also run Andrew S. Gray Design offering print and web based design solutions to personal clients and businesses in Northumberland, UK.

The website is currently offline as I hijacked it for branding the Photography business, but should be making a return soon enough!



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Upcoming Further Personal Projects

Having helped a client finish off his eBook, and market it, that I’d been putting together website for, I’ve seen how easy an eBook can be put together so will be working on putting my own photo eBook together in the coming months.

Another upcoming project which will take my graphic design skills in a more involved direction, not to mention my cooking skills, is to create a book from my Grandmother’s hand written cookbooks which we recently found. 200 recipes of cakes and other delights will take some sorting out! More details soon.


Other Projects in which I’m heavily involved

‘Hear Abouts’ Magazine – 10 issues per year printed magazine, prepared and distributed freely for the local community.